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The World's Best Selling Mystery Novel is Coming to the PC!
Agatha Christie's world-famous novel, And Then There Were None, is brought to the PC with all of its original baffling suspense!
10 people, strangers to each other, are all invited to a lavish estate on an isolated island. Through a recording, their mysterious host accuses each of his 'guests' of murder and proceeds to exact 'justice.' Tension mounts as, one-by-one, the number of people are reduced through the ingenious plotting of the unseen killer.
Prepare yourself for an investigative thriller like never before!

  • New twists-and-turns to the original story, plus a brand new character has been introduced - YOU.
  • Multiple game endings - the ending is entirely in your hands. If you know what happens in the book… you don't know what happens in the game!
  • Breathtaking 3D graphics that will immerse you into this thrilling mystery.
  • Original and creative puzzles that will challenge you throughout the game.
  • Will you be the one who survives the longest? Only time will tell…
  • 20+ hours of engrossing gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


    Patrick Narracott

    The guests invited to Shipwreck Island assume Narracott hails from the sleepy fishing village of Sticklehaven and works as a boatman, ferrying guests out to Shipwreck Island. In fact Narracott, a handsome man in a rough and windblown sort of way, is not who he appears to be, and has his own reasons for wanting to keep an eye on his passengers.

    Dr. Edward George Armstrong

    Dr. Armstrong is a successful Harley Street physician who enjoys his success and the money it brings. His confidence and cautious manner put his patients at ease. Lately he has become increasingly exhausted from working long hours with no reprieve. Though he is in fairly good health, he has an extremely addictive personality. He is an alcoholic.

    William Henry Blore

    Mr. Blore is a big, hulking man who works as a private detective. He can be inappropriately familiar with others in an attempt to inspire trust and ease, but his behavior is not usually received well. He is shrewd and cunning, two traits which have gotten him out of many difficult situations.

    Emily Caroline Brent

    Miss Brent is a woman of unyielding principals. She often uses her Bible to justify her uncompromising attitude and unshakable principals. She is middle-aged and aloof, entirely unwilling to offer a shoulder to cry on.

    Vera Elizabeth Claythorne

    Vera is pretty and shy. She is also bright, very well educated, and proficient in several languages, including French and German. She used to be a governess, but much of her work these days consists of secretarial duties. There is something ethereal, almost otherworldly about her.

    Philip Lombard

    An adventurer in his mid-thirties, Mr. Lombard has traveled most of the world in search of excitement. He doesn’t take anything in life too seriously. He has been involved in both legal and not-so-legal activities.

    General John Gordon Mackenzie

    Retired for many years, General Mackenzie is now in his seventies. His command of troops in the Great War has left him with many ghosts, as well as a few skeletons in his closet. He is a lonely soul, as many of his old friends are not interested in keeping in contact with him any longer.

    Anthony James Marston

    Often called Tony by his contemporaries, Mr. Marston is an impressive specimen of a man. Desired by most women he meets, he is unfortunately self-absorbed and vain. What charm he has is switched on like a light to be used when he deems fit, and can be just as quickly switched off. His three chief passions are parties, women, and driving fast cars.

    Ethel Rogers

    Mrs. Rogers is the housekeeper on Shipwreck Island. She is respectable and austere, with a flat and monotonous voice. She has been in service for most of her life, first as a parlor maid, and so on through the ranks of the household. She resents the idea that she is only one of two servants employed at the house.

    Thomas Rogers

    Mrs. Rogers’ husband. He is every bit the proper English butler. He is compulsive in his need to maintain an orderly household. He is very good at his job, and takes pride in that fact. Mr. Rogers is completely devoted to his wife, to whom he has been married for many years.

    Judge Lawrence John Wargrave

    Justice Wargrave is recently retired. He is often seen with his head sunk onto his chest in repose, as if he were still looking down at defendants from his high bench in the courtroom. Wargrave understands the law in extremely minute detail, but has no hesitation about rising above its limitations when necessary.